[agade] eJOURNALS: Advances in Ancient Biblical & Near Eastern Research (AABNER 2.1-2) [19 May 2023]

From Jason Silverman <jason.m.silverman@gmail.com>:linebreak====================linebreaklinebreakAdvances in Ancient Biblical and Near Eastern Researchlinebreak2.1-2linebreaklinebreakAABNER is happy to announce that two full issues are now available on our website. The article PDFs are fully available for all articles. A PDF of the complete issue of 2.1 is ready for download; 2.2 will be available shortly.linebreaklinebreakVolume 2 Issue 1 (Varia):linebreakSusannah Rees. Ishtar the Thot: The Appropriation of the Epic of Gilgamesh by the Manosphere. 1–36linebreakRaz Kletter. The 1920 Antiquities Ordinance of Palestine and the date 1700 for Antiquities: New Discoveries. 39-80linebreakHanna Tervanotko. What Is Beautiful Is Good? Examining Significance of Sarah’s Beauty in The Genesis Apocryphon 20:2-9. 81-107linebreaklinebreakVolume 2 Issue 2 (Categories and Boundaries in Second Temple Jewish Literature)linebreakCharlie Comerford, Joseph Scales. Categories and Boundaries Special Issue Introduction. 1–9.linebreakJon Darby. Beyond Definitions of PrayerlinebreakApplying Genre Theory to some Persisting Problems in the Categorization of Liturgical Texts among the Dead Sea Scrolls. 11–47.linebreakHanne Kirchheiner. The Rhetorical Use of Israel, Ephraim, and Judah in the Damascus Document. 49–76.linebreakDavid Z. Blackwell. Blurring the Boundaries: The Figure of David as Prophet, Priest, and King. 77–112linebreakPeter Atkins. How to Categorize the King: Daniel 4 in light of Mesopotamian Divine-Human-Animal Boundaries. 113–135.linebreakTheron Clay Mock, III. Named by the Name? Christian Categories Causing Non-problems in the Academic Study of Religion. The Parables of Enoch as a Case Study. 137–159linebreaklinebreakAll are Open Access on our website, <aabner.org>, and indexed in ATLA and Index Theologicus (among others).linebreaklinebreak