[agade] eARTICLES: From the Ornan Volume [19 May 2023]

From Laura Battini <laura.battini@college-de-france.fr>linebreak====================linebreaklinebreakBenjamin Sass and Laura Battini remind you of the existence of the Academia page (https://huji.academia.edu/FestschriftTALLAYORNANPREPRINTS/pre-prints) for pre-prints of the articles offered to Tallay Ornan.linebreaklinebreakThere are already 10 articles available for download and soon there will be two more. Don't hesitate to subscribe to follow the news. The last pre-prints uploaded are:linebreaklinebreakSASS & LEVY, Inscribed bullae from the Samaria excavations forgotten for ninety yearslinebreakFELDMAN, Naturalism, Photography, and Empire in the Old Akkadian PeriodlinebreakDA RIVA, On goats, mountains, and the elusive Babylonian royal seallinebreakBONATZ, In a masked world: On the physiognomy of Assyrian faceslinebreakCOLLINS, The Soldier and the Exorcist: A cylinder seal in the Ashmolean Museumlinebreaklinebreak