[agade] zLECTURES: "... Elephantine During the Old Kingdom" (May 25) [22 May 2023]

From Maria Carmela Gatto <mcgatto@alice.it>:linebreak=====================linebreaklinebreakUpcoming event by the BORDERSCAPE Project Seminar SerieslinebreaklinebreakThursday, 25th of May, at 4 pm CESTlinebreaklinebreakThe Egyptian State and its Administration in a Border Area: Elephantine During the Old KingdomlinebreakJuan Carlos Moreno Garcia, CNRS, SorbonnelinebreaklinebreaklinebreakElephantine marked the southern border of Egypt during the Old Kingdom. However, this locality was more than a mere frontier. It played the role of logistic basis to Nubia, but the interests of the elites that ruled it extended well beyond the limits of the first Nome of Upper Egypt. linebreaklinebreakIn fact, the people living there were involved in commercial activities not necessarily promoted by the monarchy but followed their own agendas. Consequently, the state appears more interested in capturing and taxing the flows of wealth passing through Elephantine than in imposing tight control over the economic activities that took place there. That Elephantine's rulers continued their activities and kept their networks of contacts abroad after the collapse of the monarchy around 2160 BC may confirm this impression.linebreaklinebreakThe link to the seminar is::linebreak<https://tinyurl.com/42ufu93x>.linebreaklinebreak