[agade] PODS: Iron Age Religion East of the Jordan.... [23 May 2023]

From Rachel Hallote <rachel.hallote@purchase.edu>:linebreak==================linebreaklinebreakA new episode of our podcast, This Week in the Ancient Near East, is now available:linebreaklinebreakIron Age Religion East of the Jordan, Or, Ammon, Moab, and Edom Have Entered the Chat.linebreaklinebreakA new report on Iron Age temples in Jordan has us puzzled. How different are the cults to national gods and their shrines on both sides of the Jordan River, you know, really? And if a Moabite walked into a Judean bar, would you know? Watch us go from a very small building to huge questions about world religions!linebreaklinebreakListen at:linebreakhttps://thisweekintheancientneareast.podbean.comlinebreaklinebreak