[agade] TUBES: 2, on Jonah's whale & Sassoon Codex [24 May 2023]

From David Moster <davidmoster@gmail.com>linebreak=============linebreaklinebreakTwo videos from the Institute of Biblical CulturelinebreaklinebreakWas Jonah afraid of the whale?linebreakhttps://youtu.be/U0dOKmfzpgIlinebreakThere are two ways to understand Jonah's fish (or whale) in both art and text. According to the first approach, the fish was a terrifying extension of God's storm. According to the second, the fish was a peaceful provider of salvation.linebreaklinebreakWhy this Bible is the most expensive book ever soldlinebreakhttps://youtu.be/Ify2sEX6Sus linebreakCodex Sassoon 1053 is one of the most important codices from the Masoretic era. But it is neither the most accurate Tanakh nor the most complete. So why did it just sell for 38 million dollars?linebreaklinebreak