[agade] WEBS: Archival Texts of the Priests of Borsippa [24 May 2023]

From Tero E Alstola <tero.alstola@helsinki.fi>:linebreak==================linebreaklinebreakWe are glad to announce the publication of a new Oracc project, Borsippa: Archival Texts of the Priests of Borsippa. The project offers editions of 224 texts from the priestly archives of Borsippa, published by Caroline Waerzeggers in The Ezida Temple of Borsippa (2010). The texts are dated from the reign of Ashurbanipal until the second year of Xerxes, and they are part of the archives of brewers, bakers, butchers, and oxherds working at the temple of Nabû. The texts shed light on their ritual tasks and the everyday cult of Nabû but also on the social organization and personal lives of Babylonian priests in the long sixth century BCE.linebreaklinebreakThe Borsippa project is a joint effort by the ERC Starting Grant project BABYLON and the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires.linebreaklinebreakYou can access the project at http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/borsippa.linebreaklinebreak