[agade] SAD NEWS: Richard Redding (1947-2023) [24 May 2023]

linebreakMark L. Lawall <mlawall@ascsa.org> posted these very sad news:linebreak=======================linebreaklinebreakI have the sad duty to inform you of the death of Richard Redding on May 22, 2023, in Ann Arbor.linebreaklinebreakRichard was a giant in the field of zooarchaeology, one of that pantheon of archaeologist-scientists who have worked out of the Museum of Anthropology (since renamed the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology) and the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan. He earned his BA, MA and PhD (1981, in Anthropological Archaeology and Biological Sciences) at Michigan and returned there in 1993, first as a research scientist and later, additionally, as lecturer and curator. Like many of his teachers and colleagues, Richard considered the archaeological record as a means to an end, rigorously constructing models of stress and risk, and then using the masses of gathered zooarchaeological data to test hypotheses that emerged from the models. He tackled the big questions: the origins of food production, the impact of centralized economies on local subsistence strategies, the rise of the humble chicken and fall of the noble pig. While much of his research was focused on Iran, Iraq and Egypt, most famously the workers’ village at Giza, Richard also studied the faunal remains from the Franchthi cave.linebreaklinebreakHis primary connection to the American School, however, rests on his service as an appointed expert member of the Wiener Laboratory Committee from 2009-2014. Such appointments bring specialist assessment to the evaluation of fellowship applications and to the oversight of the Lab’s operations. At the same time they bring greater awareness of the Lab’s achievements and opportunities to a broader, global audience. Such scholars, like all of us, are busy people, and Richard was no exception. His analyses and interpretation of finds from Egypt, Israel, Turkey, China, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, and elsewhere took up much of his time, but so too did his generous mentorship of countless students and colleagues. The School is grateful for the time and effort that Richard was willing to devote to the activity of the Wiener Laboratory.linebreaklinebreakI offer heartfelt condolences to Richard’s family, colleagues and friends in Ann Arbor and far beyond.linebreaklinebreak[Richard Redding's own website (<https://alexisredding.wixsite.com/rredding>) gives information about him, his work and publications.]linebreaklinebreak