[agade] LECTURES: "Assyrian businesswomen in the archives of ancient Kanesh" (Istanbul, May 25) [24 May 2023]

From Çiğdem Maner <CMANER@ku.edu.tr>:linebreak=====================linebreaklinebreakGSSSH DISTINGUISHED SCHOLAR SEMINAR SERIESlinebreaklinebreakSpeaker: Cécile MICHEL, Director of Research at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS, France) & Professor at Hamburg UniversitylinebreakAssyrian Businesswomen in the Archives of Kültepe, Ancient Kanesh (19th century BC)linebreaklinebreakLecture abstract:linebreakThe Old Assyrian private archives of Kültepe, ancient Kanesh (Central Anatolia), mainly of a commercial nature, include a greater proportion of documents relating to women and their economic activities than the majority of other cuneiform corpuses. Letters sent from Assur (modern Iraq) reflect the prominent role of the Assyrian women in the domestic economy, as well as their participation to the long distance trade: The surplus of their textile production was sold on the Anatolian markets. With the capital they earned, Assur women took part personally in various financial operations. Texts also give hints on the economic relationships these women with the other members of the family group.linebreaklinebreakDate: May 25, 2023linebreakTime: 11.00linebreakVenue: Koç University, Istanbul Founders' Halllinebreaklinebreak-----------------------------------------------------------------------linebreaklinebreakOn the same day, there will be a Documentary Screening and Q&A, May 25, 2023linebreaklinebreakTime: 14:00 15:30linebreakVenue: Founders' HalllinebreakDocumentary Abstract: (Thus Speaks Tarām-Kūbi. Assyrian Correspondences)linebreaklinebreakAbout 4 000 years ago, Assyrian merchants established a commercial settlement in the ancient city of Kanesh, within Central Anatolia. They came from Assur, north of Mesopotamia. We have come to understand their history through their writings on clay tablets that have stood the test of time: more than 22 500 cuneiform tablets have been unearthed from archaeological site of Kültepe.linebreaklinebreakHow these Mesopotamian clay tablets arrived in Anatolia and what do they tell us? The voice of Tarām-Kūbi, an Assyrian woman who corresponded with her brother and her husband in Kanesh, takes us back in time.linebreakhttps://vimeo.com/433753829linebreaklinebreak