[agade] KUDOS: To Emanuel Tov [25 May 2023]

Posted at <https://baronawards.univie.ac.at/award-ceremonies/>linebreak[Go there for linx]linebreak===========================linebreaklinebreakSalo W. and Jeannette M. Baron Awardslinebreakfor Scholarly Excellence in Research of the Jewish ExperiencelinebreaklinebreakYou are here:Faculty of Historical and Cultural StudiesSalo W. and Jeannette M. Baron Awards | for Scholarly Excellence in Research of the Jewish ExperienceAWARD CEREMONIESlinebreaklinebreakSecond Baron Awards Ceremony 2023linebreakSenior and Young Scholars Awards for Scholarly Excellence in Research of the Jewish ExperiencelinebreaklinebreakSalo W. Baron famously described the Jewish experience as follows: “Suffering is part of the destiny” of the Jewish people “but so is repeated joy and ultimate redemption.” The Salo W. and Jeannette M. Baron Award for Scholarly Excellence in Research of the Jewish Experience will therefore recognize achievements of the highest excellence of researchers from all fields of study whose work focuses on the relationship of Jews and non-Jews and perceptions and understandings of Judaism in the wider societies in which they live, including but not limited to the history, culture, religion, and institutions of the Jewish people as well as their persecution.linebreaklinebreak“I am greatly honoured by the decision of the board of the prestigious Baron Awards to confer the 2023 award to me. I am humbled by your decision and will do my best to live up to the standards set by Salo W. Baron.” - Emanuel TovlinebreaklinebreakEmanuel Tov, second laureate of the Salo W. and Jeannette M. Baron Senior Awards 2023linebreaklinebreakPROGRAMlinebreakWHEN Wednesday, May 31, 2023linebreak7.00 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. CEST (Vienna summer time)linebreaklinebreakWHERElinebreakonline via ZOOM-StreaminglinebreakGo there to access the online event.linebreakParticipation is free of charge and will not require a previous registration.linebreaklinebreakWHOlinebreakWelcome AddresslinebreakSalo Baron and the State of IsraellinebreakMordechai Rodgold, MBA, Ambassador of Israel in AustrialinebreaklinebreakAward CeremonylinebreakPresentation of the Baron Awards to Prof. Emanuel Tov and the two winners of the Young Scholars AwardslinebreakProf. Dr. Sebastian Schütze, Rector of Vienna UniversitylinebreakMr. Charles Knapp, President of the Knapp Family FoundationlinebreaklinebreakLaudatiolinebreakProf. Lawrence H. Schiffman, New York UniversitylinebreaklinebreakFestive LecturelinebreakThe Many Faces of the Bible: The Pre-History of our Modern BibleslinebreakProf. Emanuel Tov, Hebrew University of Jerusalemlinebreaklinebreak