[agade] INTERVIEWS: With Yair Zakovitch on Ruth & halacha [25 May 2023]

Posted at <https://www.timesofisrael.com/what-matters-now-to-yair-zakovitch-using-ruth-as-a-blueprint-for-creative-halacha/> is Amanda Borschel-Dan's interview with Yair Zakovitch. Go there for full account.linebreak========================linebreaklinebreakWhat Matters Now to Yair Zakovitch: Using ‘Ruth’ as a blueprint for creative halachalinebreaklinebreakIsrael Prize-winning Bible scholar dives into Shavuot scroll’s meaning, laments lack of biblical literacy in secular society, but sees hope in anti-judicial overhaul demonstrationslinebreakBy AMANDA BORSCHEL-DANlinebreaklinebreak[...]linebreaklinebreakIsrael Prize-winning Bible scholar Prof. Yair Zakovitch joined The Times of Israel this week in his book-lined Hebrew University office to discuss the societal context of the Book of Ruth and the halachic “problems” it solves.linebreaklinebreakThe author of best-selling works on the Bible was born in the pluralistic northern city of Haifa in 1945 and joined the faculty of Hebrew University in 1978. Awarding him the Israel Prize for Bible in 2021, then-education minister Yoav Gallant said, “Yair Zakovitch is one of the most original Bible researchers in the country and the world.”linebreaklinebreakTo bring the Bible to the next generation, Zakovitch helped found the Hebrew University’s Revivim program, a prestigious teacher-training program for outstanding university students who sign on to teach in state schools post-graduation.linebreaklinebreakIllustrative photo: A page from a 13th-century Hebrew Bible from Burgos Spain, showing the opening verses of Psalms on the left and the end of the Book of Ruth on the right. (Israel National Library via AP)linebreaklinebreakIn our in-depth conversation on the Book of Ruth, we hear how the scroll’s author — in opposition to the writers of the contemporaneous prophets — offers a scripture of compassion in solving that era’s challenge of intermarriage.linebreaklinebreakWe also hear about today’s rampant biblical illiteracy and why it is immensely important for secular Israelis to readopt the Bible for themselves.linebreaklinebreak[...]linebreaklinebreak