[agade] hWORKSHOPS: Beyond SCRIBO - Talking Images (June 12) [25 May 2023]

From Silvia Ferrara <s.ferrara@unibo.it>linebreak===============linebreaklinebreakWorkshop: Beyond SCRIBO - Talking ImageslinebreaklinebreakThe ERC INSCRIBE team based in Bologna, is delighted to announce the fourth, and final, edition of its SCRIBO Seminar Series, which will be a hybrid one-day event.linebreaklinebreakSince the very beginning of their history, images, and writing too, have been used to convey all sorts of human messages. The event will go beyond what writing does stricto sensu, to showcase how language may or may not be part of a code, how images can be standardized and understood by a social group, and how figural objects aimed at conveying specific meanings can be part of a communicative exercise. Rather than addressing this through language, we aim to show the many colours that an image can take and investigate its potential as an effective vehicle.linebreaklinebreakProgramlinebreak12th June 2023 - Aula Prodi - Piazza S. Giovanni in Monte 2, Bolognalinebreak09:00 - 13:30linebreaklinebreakSilvia Ferrara - Talking ImageslinebreakKristian Tylén - Investigating the Cognitive Affordances of Symbolic ArtefactslinebreakMarion Benz - Between Nature and Culture Interpreting Changes in Human Representations During the Early Neolithic in Northern MesopotamialinebreakAnnick Payne - Hieroglyphs Beyond WritinglinebreakKathryn Erin Kelley - Emblem to Icon in Proto-Elamite Writing?linebreakLunch breaklinebreaklinebreak14:30 - 17:30linebreakAdriana Iezzi - Art From Calligraphy. Chinese Writing Turn into Artistic Images, Graphic Motives, Choreographic Gesture and Graffiti TagslinebreakMassimo Leone - Moles, Wrinkles, Grimaces, and Smiles On the Semiotics of Facial ScriptslinebreakClaudio Paolucci - Imagination, Perception, Language, and Writing A Semiotic PerspectivelinebreaklinebreakTo attend the workshop in person, in Bologna, register here: https://tinyurl.com/ypanz8bblinebreakAlso live on Zoom here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMuduisrT0rHdLZx-YV-m_kcMWiETeI5cdClinebreakFurther information: https://site.unibo.it/inscribe/en/events/scribo-seminars-2023linebreaklinebreak