[agade] PODS: "How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep in Antiquity..." [01 April 2024]

From Rachel Hallote <rachel.hallote@gmail.com>:linebreak======================linebreaklinebreakA new episode of our podcast, This Week in the Ancient Near East, is now available:linebreaklinebreakHow to Get a Good Night’s Sleep in Antiquity, or Sleeping with the Television on in the Ancient Near East?linebreaklinebreakWhat was sleep like in antiquity and was it really that different from today? Aside from all the sheep next to you, the guy knapping flint at midnight, and having to climb a ladder and run across the rooftops in order to go to the bathroom, that is.linebreaklinebreakListen at:linebreakhttps://thisweekintheancientneareast.podbean.comlinebreaklinebreaklinebreaklinebreak--- linebreakYou are currently subscribed to agade as: agadearchive@gmail.com. linebreakTo unsubscribe click here: https://lists.unc.edu/u?id=102258416.1d094c3baef6a44abe6637b960afab23&n=T&l=agade&o=44274787 or linebreaksend a blank email to leave-44274787-102258416.1d094c3baef6a44abe6637b960afab23@listserv.unc.edu