[agade] LECTURES: Poet-kings in the Islamic East (Columbia Un.; April 18) [02 April 2024]

From Heidi Hansen <heh2135@columbia.edu>:linebreak============================linebreaklinebreakYou are herewith invited to the next meeting of the Columbia University Seminar on Religion & Writing (#751) on Thursday, April 18th, at 5pm. Professor Ali Karjoo-Ravary (Columbia University) will present his research about the Turkic poetry of the Sufi and qadi Burhan al-Din of Sivas (d.1398) who ruled for almost two decades in Eastern Anatolia. An abstract follows below.linebreaklinebreakThe King’s Song: Poet Kings in the Islamic EastlinebreaklinebreakThis talk looks at the political importance of poetic production by kings in the Islamic east in the late medieval period by considering what kings aimed to accomplish through the production of their own divans. Focusing on the Turkic poetry of Burhan al-Din of Sivas (d. 1398), a Sufi and qadi who ruled eastern Anatolia for nearly 18 years, it contextualizes his divan in the convergence of Sufism and political power that marked the post-Mongol Islamic east. This talk will end by looking at how the divans of other kings, chief among them Isma’il I (d. 1524) of the Safavids, responded to and abrogated the poetic choices of Burhan al-Din.linebreaklinebreakPlease register at <https://forms.gle/XA8VPGpZiARTrdy16> by April 11, if you would like to attend Dr. Karjoo-Ravary's seminar. The meeting will be held in a hybrid format. For those who will join us in person in the Faculty House on Columbia’s Morningside Campus, the seminar will be followed by a buffet dinner at 7pm; the meal costs $30 per person. Zoom participants will receive a link to the meeting over email the week of April 11. If you have any questions or concerns, please write to Heidi Hansen (heh2135@columbia.edu). linebreaklinebreakColumbia University encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. University Seminar participants with disabilities who anticipate needing accommodations may contact the Office of Disability Services at 212.854.2388 or disability@columbia.edu. Disability accommodations, including sign-language interpreters, are available on request. Requests for accommodations must be made two weeks in advance.linebreaklinebreakFor more information about the Columbia University Seminar on Religion & Writing (#751), seelinebreakhttps://blogs.cuit.columbia.edu/islamicbooks/religionwriting/linebreaklinebreak--- linebreakYou are currently subscribed to agade as: agadearchive@gmail.com. linebreakTo unsubscribe click here: https://lists.unc.edu/u?id=102258416.1d094c3baef6a44abe6637b960afab23&n=T&l=agade&o=44276902 or linebreaksend a blank email to leave-44276902-102258416.1d094c3baef6a44abe6637b960afab23@listserv.unc.edu