[agade] CONFERENCES: Workshop Exiles & Deportees in the ANE (Madrid, April 8) [03 April 2024]

From Daniel Justel Vicente (daniel.justel@uah.es)linebreak==========================linebreaklinebreakThe University of Alcalá is delighted to invite you to the workshop Exiles and Deportees in the Ancient Near East, that will take place on April 8th at the Grades Hall of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (C/ Colegios 2. CP 28801, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)linebreaklinebreakFor more information: http://cepo.es/wp-content/uploads/Exiles-and-Deportees-in-the-ANE.pdflinebreaklinebreakPROGRAMlinebreakSession 1: Second Millennium BClinebreaklinebreak10:00-10:30: Eduardo Torrecilla (University of Castilla La Mancha). The Perception of “the Other” and Sutean Tribes in the Middle Euphrates: A Case of Displaced Peoples?linebreaklinebreak10:30-11:00: Josué J. Justel (University of Alcalá). Foreigners and Deportees in Upper Mesopotamia in the transition to Late Bronze Agelinebreaklinebreak11:00-11:30: Ignacio Márquez Rowe (Spanish National Research Council). Exiles and refugees in Late Bronze Age Syria. Revisiting Liverani’s socioeconomic thesislinebreaklinebreakCoffee BreaklinebreaklinebreakSession 2: First Millennium BC: Mesopotamian Peripherylinebreaklinebreak12:30-13:00: Francesco G. Voltaggio (Studium Biblicum Franciscanum). O Ashur, rod of my anger! Is 10:5-34 in the light of Assyrian imperial propagandalinebreaklinebreak13:00-13:30: Daniel Justel Vicente (University of Alcalá). The Deported Population from the Syrian Neirab in BabylonialinebreaklinebreakLunch BreaklinebreaklinebreakSession 3: First Millennium BC: Yahudulinebreak15:30-16:00: Caroline Waerzeggers (Leiden University). New(s) from Yahudu: an update of the evidencelinebreaklinebreak16:00-16:30: Giorgio Paolo Campi (University of Warsaw). The Aramean deity Bīt-il in personal names between the Bible and Yahudu: the case of Bethel-sar-eṣer / Bīt-il-šar-uṣurlinebreaklinebreak16:30-17:00: Enzo Snitovsky Onodera (University of São Paulo). Searching for Judean Identity in Yahudu: an elusive endeavourlinebreaklinebreak17:00: Round Table and Closure of the Workshoplinebreaklinebreak--- linebreakYou are currently subscribed to agade as: agadearchive@gmail.com. linebreakTo unsubscribe click here: https://lists.unc.edu/u?id=102258416.1d094c3baef6a44abe6637b960afab23&n=T&l=agade&o=44278169 or linebreaksend a blank email to leave-44278169-102258416.1d094c3baef6a44abe6637b960afab23@listserv.unc.edu