[agade] BOOKS: "... Cross-cultural contacts & exchanges between the Ancient Mediterranean & the East" [03 April 2024]

From Thomas R. Kämmerer <kaemmerer@ugarit-verlag.de>:linebreak======================linebreaklinebreakUgarit-Verlag – Buch- und Medienhandel, Germany, has the pleasure to announce the publication of:linebreaklinebreakhttps://ugarit-verlag.com/iboijlinebreak[Go there for ToC link]linebreaklinebreakMore connected than it seems:linebreak Cross-cultural contacts and exchanges between the Ancient Mediterranean and the East.linebreakEditor: Asterios-Evangelios KechagiaslinebreakAuthors: Yigal Bloch, Timoleon Galanis, Wayne Horowitz, Asterios--Evangelios Kechagias, Ioannis M. Konstantakos, Panayotis PachislinebreakVolume: x + 221 pp.linebreakPrice: 49,00 € / 52,80 $linebreakISBN: 978-3-86835-361-7linebreakBinding: soft coverlinebreaklinebreakThe study of ancient civilizations is time-consuming, but it should not lead to compartmentalization and force the researcher to focus exclusively on a single culture, location, or ethnic group. The cultures of antiquity did not exist separately but formed part of a continuum of mutual contacts and exchanges, both in space and in time. During the past two centuries, and even more so in our own age, it has become clear that an ancient civilization can only be fully and properly understood if it is studied in its broader cultural context and in conjunction with the other cultures and traditions with which it came into direct or indirect contact. Indeed, the most fruitful and illuminating conclusions in relevant scholarship are those that arise from comparative endeavors of this kind.linebreaklinebreakThe present volume, based on a conference jointly organised by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is a contribution to this fascinating field: the deeper connections between ancient cultures and peoples, their literatures and art, their ideas and worldviews, around the core area of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. A series of essays highlight various aspects of the productive meeting of civilizations in this cultural crucible, over the second and first millennium BCE: from India and Mesopotamia to the Levant and the Aegean Sea, from the Harappan civilization to the legendary Ethiopians of Greek sources, from Babylonian astronomy to Alexander the Great, from Near-Eastern king lists to the History of Herodotus, from the figure of the Sphinx to the gods of ancient Egypt. In every respect, cross-cultural contacts emerge as a paramount factor for a deeper understanding of the ancient world.linebreaklinebreak--- linebreakYou are currently subscribed to agade as: agadearchive@gmail.com. linebreakTo unsubscribe click here: https://lists.unc.edu/u?id=102258416.1d094c3baef6a44abe6637b960afab23&n=T&l=agade&o=44278215 or linebreaksend a blank email to leave-44278215-102258416.1d094c3baef6a44abe6637b960afab23@listserv.unc.edu